About us

Partner for the Digital Transformation

The term Digital Transformation is used by many companies to define the transformation in the digital age. In our daily work we use a lot of devices and  softwares which include a lot of sensors and information. This information is usually lost or we have to transfer the information by ourselves between the softwares and the connection is missing.
We at DIGIHANA Solutions support our customers from the Business Blueprint till Go-Live in the whole area of Digitalization including Blockchain, SAP, Mobile Solutions and Security themes.
To support our customers world wide, our offices are in Z├╝rich (Switzerland) as well as in Osaka (Japan).


DIGIHANA comes from the combined term digitalization and HANA. Digitalization is the main area we work in. HANA has multiple meanings. SAP HANA is one of the core technologies we are using next to blockchain. HANA can be also read in Japanese, which means flower. The most pictures of digitalization are symbolized as a flower and this made this word perfectly matching to our philosophy of supporting in all of the known areas of digitalization.