What is Blockchain

The blockchain is known as the underlaying technology of Bitcoin but the technology itself has not a lot to do with a financial service or with the value of money. With blockchain technology we are able to store, share or transform information we would like to without losing the underlaying security. The blockchain enables us to make it nearly impossible that this data can be stolen or used for other purposes which it was not designed for.
We are also able to use the blockchain technology to transfer money/crypto assets using smart contracts or to improve payment services.

Our services

We at DIGIHANA Solutions support your business to setup your blockchain environment with a variety tools and support you achieving your blockchain related goals. In some scenarios we are able to use your existing servers, services or support your business by setting up a new blockchain environment.
We also offer the support of existing solutions and training in blockchain technology. To achieve all of this goals we offer the following services:

Blockchain architecture

Our main goal is to support your business to design and in architecture of the next blockchains project. We support your business to understand the opportunities of using blockchain technology and build with you the next strategy for a blockchain project. Our architects usually support from the blueprint till the go-live and offer the after go-live support for the new product.

Blockchain development

We have experience of developing private, public and hybrid blockchain networks. To achieve the best results we are using usually Ethereum and/or Hyperledger fabric. We have also the possibility to use other technologies as needed.

Decentralized application development (DApp)

DApps are becoming more common these days and are used as a frontend for decentralized applications. Our designers and architect will support your business to setup PoCs and to design a dApps to speed up and simplify your processes.

Smart contract development

For your business we design and audit Smart contracts as well. It is possible to use smart contracts for larger and secure crypto payments.
For this we have several technologies available. We usually suggest to create Data Unions and Streamr Marketplace contracts

SAP Blockchain

We also offer development, design and architecture for SAP Blockchain product on the SAP Cloud Platform. Our experienced SAP developers/architects will support your business to setup the cloud as needed and design the solution.

Internet of Things / Cloud

In some cases it makes sense to use a blockchain for a new Internet of Things scenario. Our specialists design with you the next internet of things solution. The solution can be used to achieve a secure and reliable IoT solution using blockchain technology.

Learn more about our Cloud services

Blockchain data storage

We offer also solutions to store data in the blockchain. At the moment we use for the most of our products the SIA blockchain. We have the possibilities to setup a new data container in the blockchain and need for this only minimal onside hardware or cloud hardware. The usage of a blockchain data storage guarantees security and in some cases cost efficiency.
The security achievement is high related to the fact, that we use the blockchain and that we do not need physical on side hardware.
This leads in many cases also to the cost efficiency.
We support your business with the planning of this solution and setup for you custom adapters to connect to the blockchain.

Support and training

For all of our solutions we offer also the support. For more details feel free to contact us.
We also offer staff training which is usually on side or digital depending on location and possibilities

IPFS and Crypto Domains

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a newly developed protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data. Using the IPFS we can easily share information for lower costs as it is a peer-to-peer network. We use the IPFS very often in our projects. UnstoppableDomains is a service which can be used for setting up .ETH/.CRYPTO/.ZIL anonymous websites or can be used as a domain name for cryptocurrency payments. We also advice you how to use such services and how to improve and simplify your environment.

Our website is also hosted on the IPFS using UnstoppableDomains crypto domain integration using smart contracts on the URL http://digihana.crypto  To connect to our crypto domain, please install the UnstoppableDomain Plugin for Google Chrome/Chromium, Firefox for Desktop or use for mobile the Opera Touch Browser, which includes already support for the Crypto Domains.