There are several needs of a cloud service. Usually we need cloud services to outsource infrastructure including high security standards, guarantee a high available service for our products, to realize remote access for software or to build an IoT solution. There are a lot of cloud scenarios and a lot of clouds are limited with their solutions.

Our services

We at DIGIHANA Solutions support your business to realize the best suited cloud scenario. The future of your business can be a hybrid cloud scenario with multiple cloud providers or a private cloud scenario with a cloud which has to be accessed by your company network. Our goal is to achieve the best suited and most costs-efficient solution for your business. To achieve all of this goals we offer the following services:

Cloud architecture

We support your business to understand the opportunities of cloud services and build with you the next strategy for a cloud project. 
Our architects support from the business blueprint till the go-live and offer also the support of the new product.

Cloud integration  / development

Clouds offer often integrative tools but in some cases those tools are missing or don’t cover all the needs. We support your business by setting up this tools or by realizing an interface to integrate your on premise systems into the cloud. There are also a lot of scenarios which need cloud development. For this our development team supports your business by developing your needed UIs/UX or by developing the needed interfaces.


It is also possible to integrate a cloud with your blockchain products. Some cloud solutions offer the infrastructure to host your blockchain or you can also use your blockchain as a data container for your cloud. We use several technologies like the SIA blockchain to achieve these needs.

Learn more about our blockchain services

SAP Cloud

SAP can be installed on the most clouds of your business. We also help to install a SAP Cloud Platform as an add on solution or to configure a SAP S/4HANA in the cloud. Our experts will support you setting up the best suited cloud for your SAP environment.

Learn more about our SAP services

Big Data Services

As we have these days a lot of information and we can easily lose track over it. Our consultants support your business to decide for a cost efficient and best suited big data solution.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We have a lot of data which we lose every day by not using it. Machines have sensors and this sensors can deliver us more information. If we don't have this sensors, it is possible to install sensor technologies to get this needed information and further use it. 
Our specialist support you to achieve this results and to improve your processes by adding an IoT services.