Every enterprise knows SAP and many of them use it. SAP changed a lot in the past years. The newest ERP solution of SAP is S/4HANA. S/4HANA is known for the processing speed but is also very cost intensive.
SAP will replace in the next years the existing SAP R/3 with S/4HANA and the systems have to be migrated.

Our services

We at DIGIHANA Solutions will support your business to realize the best suited SAP solutions. Our goal is for every brown-, green- or blue-field migration to find the best and most cost-efficient way for your business. In the most cases we suggest to merge the existing systems into one S/4HANA container.

Project management / solution architecture

Our main focus in SAP is the project management and solution architecture of S/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform and Fiori projects.
For custom development and consulting, we work together with external partner in a international network to offer the service world wide


Our consultants work with the newest and modern SAP Technology. We support your business in the following areas and more:


S/4HANA is the newest SAP ERP solution and will be the replacement of the existing R3. R3 will be in the next years not supported anymore and we will support your business to migrate to the new S/4HANA System. There are plenty of migration scenarios and we support your business to select between a green-field / brown-field or blue-field migration. In a second step our architects will support your business through the whole project till the go-live.

S/4HANA Cloud

S/4HANA exists as well in public or private cloud version. Our architects will support your business to configure the new environment and takes care of the staff training and all go-live related themes.

SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform is a new add-on solution of SAP. The SAP Cloud Platform enables your business to setup a Fiori Launchpad, Blockchain Service, Adobe Print service or as an example a HANA Database in the cloud. We suggest usually to use the SAP Cloud Platform as an add-on solution for a existing ERP and it enables your business to extend the on premise systems without modifications or enhancements.

Cloud Connector

To transfer/connect data from/to on premise and SAP Cloud Platform system, we suggest to use SAP Cloud Connector. The SAP Cloud Connector guarantees a secure and reliable connection and can be installed on premise. Our architects are trained to set it up and will support your business to improve the on premise solution with a well accepted cloud solution.


SAP Fiori is the newest UI/UX of SAP and can be used on premise or on the new cloud products of SAP. Fiori apps are running usually on the Fiori launchpad and use the same user role management as the other objects in SAP. 
Our architects are experienced in setting up the required roles and will support your business to setup the new environment with oData, Fiori Launchpad and user roles.
Our experts are also able to develop new Fiori apps on request.

Native Apps

In some scenarios we need to use native applications in Fiori. Feel free to contact us for detailed requests.